Junior Magazine - Best Face Masks for Stylish Kids July 24, 2020 12:00

As we all begin to realise that face masks are now set to become part of our ‘new’ normal, it may well be time to invest in a few (if you haven’t had to need up until now). And while it’s easy for us to understand this new rule 
(* Update: The government has said that face masks are compulsory in all shops in England from July 24 2020), getting kids to wear them and keep them on is a whole different story.

Following the government announcement that some form of face covering is now mandatory on public transport and in hospitals for everyone – including children over the age of 2* where social distancing is difficult to maintain, this topic is going to affect the vast majority of us. Wearing a face mask or covering (does) and is going to feel strange for everyone at first and could possibly be a little daunting to most young children. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best reusable and washable face masks from some of our favourite fashion brands and some great tips for broaching the subject of masks and making them easier to wear…

How to get kids to wear a Face Mask

  • Wear at Home: Our top tip for getting children used to wearing a face mask is to get them to wear one at home before they actually wear one outside. Maybe the whole family could wear one to play a game or watch a short TV show?
  • Lead by Example: If you are wearing your face mask children are more likely to follow suit. You could even put masks on their favourite teddy or doll to make it feel more ‘normal’ to them.
  • Practice makes Perfect. Let them put the mask on for themselves to allow them get comfortable with the process. If you can help children feel relaxed, it will be less of a challenge to get them to wear the mask and keep it on.
  • Be Honest: Talk about why we have to wear them in language they understand. They have already been exposed to the hand washing rules, so just explain that the masks prevent germs spreading further. For younger children, simply explaining that coughing and sneezing can spread germs that could make you sick may be explanation enough.
  • Share: Take a photo and share it on their class Facebook or WhatApp group – if they can see their friends and other children wearing masks it may not seem so daunting.
  • Choose with Care: Not all masks are the same. Make sure to check the recommended age range or size specifications. Some face masks come in multiple sizes, some are adjustable, and others are one-size-fits-all.
  • Make it Comfortable: If the over-the-ear loops are causing an issue try ear extenders. They basically go around the back of the head with hooks to attach the face mask’s straps taking the pressure off the ears. Useful for glasses wearers also.
  • Make it Fun: Whether that’s picking a print with a kid-friendly design, a character your child loves or even buying a plain one to decorate with iron on patches (Meri Meri has a great selection) .
  • Have a Spare: As with kids underwear, it might be useful to have a spare mask for when one is in the wash. Although, many masks are reusable some are only washable up to 30 times.

Best Face Masks for Stylish Kids:


 Pretty certified organic poplin masks in signature Hoity-Toity fabrics – what’s not to love?  Handmade and double lined with 3-layers include a pocket for additional filter layers and channel for optional face shaping wire insert. You can even team them with a matching dress for full fashion effect. £10.00, Hoity-Toity